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Trained as a graphic designer with a career in building digital products, and with a real passion for human-centered design, I have a broad understanding that allows me to approach challenges from different points of view.

Often, design is referred as the process of creating graphics and visuals, although coherent there is more to it, in fact visuals is only one part of the process. To me, design is actually a way of thinking, one which helps you unveil opportunities and add value to others.

Day to day, I use design to help businesses and individuals solve problems. Using technology and using human-centred design principles I work towards building products people love and want to use.


My Foundation


Above, is Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle”, a framework which I use as the foundation of my work – it has helped me define my purpose, and gives meaning to everything I do.



Tools, Software & Technical Skills


I use a wide range of software on projects ranging from digital and social media campaigns, strategy and UX, heuristic evaluations, user testing, research, wireframing, responsive web design, app design and branding.



Brands I have worked with

Books I have read


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