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Finding strategy through User Experience

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How do you redesign the website of Australia's most established brand? This is one of the exciting but challenging tasks that lay ahead of my team (GMG Digital) and I. The goal was to transform CSR Sugar from a sugar company into a lifestyle brand that fostered a community of recipe sharing, cooking tips and much more.

As such, the CSR Sugar website required more than just a facelift, we needed to create a digital experience that captured the user with authentic design and retain them with unique content.

 Research – Data Analytics and User Journey

Research – Data Analytics and User Journey



The process began with an extensive quantitative analysis of the current user behaviours and a heuristic evaluation of the overall experience. During the research phase, the user was always kept top of mind. This was a fundamental part of our design process and more importantly, for CSR Sugar particularly because the new platform was targeted at a new audience.

 Mobile & Desktop Wireframes

Mobile & Desktop Wireframes



The newly designed website elevated CSR Sugar to become a lifestyle brand that fosters a loyal customer base. We arrived at this solution by methodically following the UX process, immersing ourselves in the brand and understanding the users needs and pain points.

 Breakdown of Website UI

Breakdown of Website UI


Visit the live site: https://www.csrsugar.com.au

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