PLGRM Brand Styleguide

Elevating the brand communications



PLGRM is a media group devoted to connecting people through great storytelling. The group started at the collision of two young minds with a unique outlook on video production and content creation. This quickly saw them go from a 'couple of guys filming festival videos' to a full production team with regular contributors from around the globe.

Having already been familiar with the PLGRM brand, when their founder approached me to help them to rejuvenate their brand and develop a new website I jumped at the opportunity.



Despite the brand’s prevalence, it was clear PLGRM was desperate need of brand rejuvenation.

Having already collated relevant customer research and discovery information previously, the initial job required extracting relevant insights to help inform my design decisions.

This required collaborative information gathering in the form of workshops which helped me to build a comprehensive understanding of the brand and PLGRM an opportunity revisit their brand values.

 Breakdown of Brand Styleguide

Breakdown of Brand Styleguide


Having gone through the exploratory process with together, I was able to create an in-depth, all-inclusive branding document for PLGRM. This way, PLGRM’s local and remote contributors have a centralised place for all branding guidelines to help build their understanding of the brand, mission and vision.

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